Welcoming our new Lead Kindergarten Teacher

Dear families, join us in joyously welcoming dear Dawn into our fold. Dawn Dickey is a remarkably experienced Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher, Teacher Trainer and community builder.

She comes to us from the Waldorf-Steiner Education community in Ireland, and brings with her elements of her beautiful Filipino heritage, flawlessly mellifluous English language of the highest academic order, touching musicality and award-winning storyteller skills, along with invaluable know-how in coordinating and harmonising pioneer school curricula with official ministry requirements in two different countries.

We are thanking our lucky stars and can't wait to have her with us from September onwards. Here you can find a brief biography that hints at the possibilities her arrival opens up for our school.

We will be announcing a revised program as soon as possible, but the information in our Interest Form is still useful and we encourage you to help us prepare by filling it out.

In addition to our local Cypriot seasonal celebrations and holidays, and the inclusion of traditions of participating families, please note the following important dates for our Autumn Term:
- September 8 - Open Day
- September 9-10 - Interviews with New and Returning Parents
- September 7-14 - Health and Safety Risk Assessment Checks
- September 16 - Start of Term
- September 18 - International Grandparents Day
- September 29 - Waldorf Festival of Courage
- October 9 - 1st Parents Evening with feedback for settling-in period
- October 12-23 - Home visits
- October 23 - Community Festival with Turnip/Pumpkin carving, Fest Story, Stavrodromi Pumpkin Soup & Pizza Oven fundraiser
- November 13 - Waldorf Lantern Fest with warm refreshments, Marionette Theatre, Stavrodromi Beeswax Bowl Lanterns & Beeswax Candle Fundraiser
- November 16-20 - 1st Parent-Teacher Conference & Sharing of Life Stories (child’s portfolio)
- November 29th - Advent Spiral Garden Fest
- December 6 - St. Nicholas Day

With great delight,
Olga, Marina, and Chrystalleni

For more information
Olga 99521672 | Chrystalleni 99586369

2020 Autumn Program

Click here to see the Interest Form for our 2020 Autumn Programme: https://forms.gle/bf5pH9DUsc4mCTvd6 

Dear families,

We are delighted to share with you our Fall Program starting September 2020.
If you are interested in signing up or would like to know more, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Along with the following we wish to organise for additional offerings according to the needs of our community, and are open to your ideas and contributions.

* Parent and Child Program for ages 0-3 (Weekdays 8:00-13:00)
* Daily Morning Program for ages 3-6 (Weekdays 8:00-13:00)
* Co-operative Wednesday Afternoons - A weekly community program for various age groups (1:30-18:00)
* Special Education Afternoons according to demand
* Languages of instruction are Greek, English, and Russian
* Healthy meals are prepared and shared in community
* Where? At our Indoor and Outdoor premises in Geri, Nicosia

Our program is cooperatively developed to meet the needs of families interested in Waldorf-Steiner education, alternative, democratic, and community education, and to address gaps in conventional schooling.

Our program is motivated by trust in each child’s wonder in the world and their innate desire to learn through imitation and self-directed free play. It builds on our understanding of their remarkable ability to learn from each other, and the desire to offer them a wide range of emotionally connected activities, in a natural environment, led by mindful and attentive instructors. We work to hold a space of safety and belonging, to create the right conditions for both free and supported learning, full of rich opportunities for stimulation and development.

We believe in the educational advantages of multilingual and multicultural learning environments, and we encourage each of our instructors and parent participants to also introduce material in their mother tongues. Our present team richly communicates in Greek, English, and Russian. For our afternoon program especially, we implement a daily rhythm that allows for mixed age groups as much as possible, prioritising education of the head, hands and heart, emotional literacy, closeness with nature, and seasonal traditions and customs.

Our Morning Program (Weekdays 8:00-13:00) begins Monday September 14th.
Our Afternoon Program (Weekly 1:30-18:00) begins Wednesday October 7th.
Please fill out a separate form for each child.

For more information on who we are, check out:

*Contact details
Chrystalleni Loizidou, 99586369
Olga Zoubareva-Zamba, 99521672

**Morning Rhythm - Parent and Child Club for ages 0-3 (Weekdays 8:00-13:00)
Parents who wish to stay with their child until it is accustomed and integrated in our school are very welcome to do so. Where possible we encourage parents to stay with their children until they are ready, usually around age 3, and that they provide beautiful examples of participation, productivity, and learning. - 250€ monthly

**Morning Rhythm for ages 3-6 (Weekdays 8:00-13:00)
Free Play, Circle-time and Weekly Rhythm in line with Cyprus seasons, nature, and culture. Parent attendance is optional depending on the readiness of the child. The group is developed under the mentorship of Austrian Waldorf Kindergarden expert Erika Weiser, with Marina Zhebina as lead teacher, and Chrystalleni Loizidou and Olga Zoumbareva-Zamba as assistant teachers. Mindful parents are welcome to stay with us and contribute to our beautiful atmospheres. - 320€ monthly

**Afternoon Co-op (Wednesdays to begin with, 1:30-18:00)
Our children have an abundance of energy and thirst for activity. We have a variety of useful and meaningful tasks for them to contribute to and enjoy, and give ample opportunities for them to pursue their linguistic, literacy, arithmetic, nature-observing and construction-related developmental interests.
We invite parents and other experts from our community to develop, together, a rhythm that includes rest, free play, individual or group instruction in various subjects according to demand, organised games, and access to creative materials. We aim to address our childrens’ needs all in one place, in a warm setting that enables a sense of stability, security, and belonging. We plan for this to include healthy snacks and meals prepared in community, gardening, arithmetic games, singing, circus arts and acrobatics, building with natural materials, drumming, dance and joy, woodworking, fine arts and crafts, animal care, and of course cleaning and tidying together. Special guests will be joining us regularly and more specialised activities (such as individual instruction in musical instruments such as violin, piano, and guitar) may be organised according to demand and at additional cost. - Suggested contribution for our basic program: 70€ monthly


**Participation costs
-Morning Rhythm - Parent and Child Club for ages 0-3 - €250 monthly
-Morning Rhythm for ages 3-6 - €320 monthly
-Afternoon Co-op, on Wednesdays to begin with, 1:30-18:00 - 70€ monthly contribution

*We strive to include families who may not be able to afford our fees. Do contact us for a bursary application.*

** For our Special Education Afternoons please contact us for more information.
**Adult workshops or private instruction in Eurythmy, Waldorf Teacher Training (Kindergarten and Grade School), Drumming, Streetdance, Singing Choir, Healing Belly-dance, Biodynamic Gardening, Advanced Doll-making, and Hand in Hand - Parenting by connection. Please contact us for more information.



News Update 2018-2019

It was a transformative and highly effective year where we achieved many milestones. However, they did not get realised without some trials and challenges.

With kind support from Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e.V. / Friends of Art of Education we began our Teacher Training in Waldorf Class Teacher Education. We have completed our 1st year training course, which began in November 2018 - July 2019. During this course we had 29 students joined from which 15 remained consistently, including 2 students from Limassol Waldorf School and 2 students from Northern Cyprus. Our course was lead by Roey Koren and Shira Leshem. There are few words that can explain the exceptional qualities of these teachers from Israel. Supported by magical Olga Kulagina (Eurhythmist from Russia) and heart giving Sirpa Sinimaa (art therapist from Zurich). We continue our trainin course this coming year 2019-2020.